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Sky Sports Day Pass, clocks going forward

I'm planning on using a day pass to watch the Bahrain GP on Sunday, from 18:00-20:00 UK time, but was wondering what happens if I started the pass at 19:40 on Saturday, given clocks go forward that night. Would I receive content until 19:40 on Sunday (23 hours in duration, but 24 hours on a clock) or until 20:40 (24 hours in duration, but 25 hours on a clock)?

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Legend 5

Hi @cmario 


I never activated a Day Sports Pass in a period when the clocks go forward or back an hour.


From my experience using a day pass if i started a pass at say 7pm on Saturday night it would run until 7pm on Sunday evening without the clocks changing coming into play.


To be on the safe side (unless another forum member has started a day pass in the time frame before the clocks go forward) then maybe ask NOW directly by using this email address on the screen shot below.


Once you get the official answer from NOW i would appreciate if you can post back here for future reference for anybody else who asks the same question.




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You get 24 hours.  So if you start at 7pm Saturday it will run until 8pm Sunday.

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See this thread.  I started just after midnight and lost a day when clocks went back...