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Poor F1 quality streaming through TV

Our steaming is dropping on Now TV F1 live, we have reported it a couple of days ago as it did it on the live matches for example Chelsea V Westham, after doing all they suggested on live chat, they are have reported to the technical team and we were to be contacted with 48 hours, 72 hours later nothing and now watching F1 and still the same issue, why does NOW TV believe it is our problem regarding the streaming when I have other services with all the whistle and no problems!, I am fed up with this does anyone else feel the same, thank you.

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Hi @00Craig00 


I would be inclined to try the Google Public DNS servers if your playback devices or Router can support it, just to see if there is any improvement with a stable NOW stream.


No problem my end watching NOW boost sports with my limited 38Mbps on my various devices.

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I watched F1 on Saturday and Sunday on my Firestick 50FPS was perfectly smooth didn't notice any issues. I did used get issues when i was running it on the Wireless but since I switched to a wire connection it's been fine. 


I'm also on Virgin Broadband (350) and having the same problems with NowTV. Exactly the same as you in that all other streaming services give a rock solid picture.


Anyway, finally had enough and cancelled. Managed to add TV to my Virgin broadband package, including Sky Sports HD for only £27 a month extra. Well worth it for the picture upgrade. Just about to watch FP3 and will finally be able to enjoy it without picture breakups!

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The internet provider is never the issue with NOW sports streams. 
It has always been device and connection. 

What device did you use and was it Wi-fi or Ethernet? 
Did you have boost as well? 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help