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Football almost unwatchable

Can i be the only person who is finding the football almost unwatchable?


The crowd sound is FAR too loud, watching Norwich sounded like a World Cup final. My grandfather actually switched it off, due to the loud fake crowd noise. I resorted to watching the matches on he "natural" sound channel, i just about got through them but it's pretty boring without any crowd noise. The constant thud of the ball and shouting from the players and sidelines makes it feel like a training session. 


Also, i'd not noticed just how blissful it had been, having 3+ months of no betting adverts. The constant drone of "are you betting yet? start betting! you need to bet! bet now! betting is good! but are you addicted to gambling? i bet you are addicted to gambling! all gamblers are stupid, don't bet more than you can afford! had £5 on first goalscorer? don't have another bet today, betting is evil! but please, keep betting!" drives me insane now. I've been betting for 30 years, but the current situation of "betting good, betting evil" in adverts is beyond absurd. It's time for all betting adverts to be banned. 

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