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F1 2020 on NowTV. What do we want?

What do we want to see from NowTV F1 in 2020 ?


I'd want a stand alone HD app with live and catch up at a maximum of £10 per month. 

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50FPS on Sky F1 channel now with boost that is going be a big improvement now i just have to decide if i'm going hold out hope for a AppleTV update to use boost that way or to buy one there sticks. 


Here's what Sky are blocking from us in the UK - now available on Roku


What the sports rights sellers give all sports fans in the UK is less for more.  When I went to France 2 or 3 years for a fortnight away I signed up for SFR.  This gave me access to ALL 380 premier league games for just 10 euro/month.  So one subscription for less than a third of the price of NOW TV with FULL re-runs on demand.  I did not have to get two other subscriptions, and even then I only get on demand for just 20 games thanks to Amazon.  For the other 360, only half are shown in their entirety, the rest condensed into 24 minutes of highlights.  And even these are not available on demand to Now TV subscribers.


For many the spitting of sports rights across platforms is a real bugbear.  I wish all I was interested in was F1 cos it would make life a lot simpler.


Because I love all you F1 guys, a tip to get it all for less than £110.

First two or three Grand Prix will be on Sky One, so get a monthly entertainment pass in March. (assuming Vietnam is not postponed, if it is no matter it will be in the second half of the season with China)

Then look out for £50 3 month sports on a stick from Argos, Currys etc.  You can cover all the other Grand Prix with two of these.

And having saved all of you around £80 each, feel free to get me a GAAGO annual pass @ 70 euro 🙂


Sun 15/03/2020

Australian Grand Prix


Sun 22/03/2020

Bahrain Grand Prix


Sun 05/04/2020

Vietnam Grand Prix



3 month 3 May - 2 Aug


Sun 03/05/2020

Netherlands Grand Prix


Sun 10/05/2020

Spanish Grand Prix


Sun 24/05/2020

Monaco Grand Prix

Monte Carlo

Sun 07/06/2020

Azerbaijan Grand Prix


Sun 14/06/2020

Canadian Grand Prix


Sun 28/06/2020

French Grand Prix

Le Castellet

Sun 05/07/2020

Austrian Grand Prix


Sun 19/07/2020

British Grand Prix


Sun 02/08/2020

Hungarian Grand Prix



3 month 30 Aug - 29 Sep


Sun 30/08/2020

Belgian Grand Prix


Sun 06/09/2020

Italian Grand Prix


Sun 20/09/2020

Singapore Grand Prix

Marina Bay

Sun 27/09/2020

Russian Grand Prix


Sun 11/10/2020

Japanese Grand Prix


Sun 25/10/2020

United States Grand Prix


Sun 01/11/2020

Mexican Grand Prix

Mexico City

Sun 15/11/2020

Brazilian Grand Prix

Sao Paulo

Sun 29/11/2020

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Yas Marina





I can't find 3 months sports passes anywhere?  All I'm seeing are 1 month passes for £25.


for 3 month sports


currently £80, but often reduces to £50 for short periods


Any chance to have the 9 months F1 pack back in 2020?

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It should be coming in the next week

That's a great news! Thank you very much! @Anonymous User 

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Great news...

Im curious how you know this...?!



It's clear I wish it was free, like in the golden years of public TV, but I can only watch it via internet devices and would like to have a solid streaming rather than a precarious one - I think you understood. So, I only need F1 and I found that pass my only good solution (in UK). Open to other solutions, possibly cheaper and still with 2 devices at the same time, if you guys have it. 

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We got all sports channels for the £195 last year.


@Anonymous User Yes, 195. That is still better than £33 per month, beside the one-pay thing. That's why I wish they do it again. But if I could find something cheaper with same conditions, of course I would do it.

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when wi;; seasson pass be announced please?


All will be revealed on Friday.

It was Friday in 2018

It was Friday in 2019


(of course now I have written that it won't be 🙂 )

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I don't know if its going make sense taking a F1 season pass this year.

With the worsening effects of the corona virus, there's already talk of cancelling some of the far east races, add to that the talk of some countries banning the Italian teams unless they quarantine for 14 days, also how many countries are going to ban large sports events anyway.

I think I might just pay for a day or weekend pass and pay as I go.

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I don't know if its going make sense taking a F1 season pass this year.


Agree. I started a three month pass on 15 Feb  which takes me to the end of May, but Vietnamese Grand Prix could be postponed as well as Chinese Grand Prix.  And with the first two or three likely to be shown on Sky ONE, it makes little sense to get it.  Just wait for the sub £20 month passes.


Well, it all depends whether the total number of race weekends will be
enough to be cheaper than the 9 months pass, that is about £21 per month. I


Taken from a reddit post: 


Been looking into dates and (assuming China doesn't happen)... and if you are prepared to miss friday practice at Baku...

13th March - 1 Month

1st May - 1 Month

6th June - 1 Month (British GP on C4)

31 Jul - 1 week

28th Aug - 1 Month

9th Oct - 1 Month

Nov 13 - 1 week

Nov 27th 1 week

So thats 5 month passes and 3 week passes, which at Currys works out at £155!


Thanks @sneaker , that is helpful

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So thats 5 month passes and 3 week passes, which at Currys works out at £155!


Could probably do it with 6-7 month passes and with the retention/email offers of £20/month would cost between £120 & £140

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e-mail offers?

In 5 years, i've never had an offer via e-mail for any of the passes.