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F1 2020 on NowTV. What do we want?

What do we want to see from NowTV F1 in 2020 ?


I'd want a stand alone HD app with live and catch up at a maximum of £10 per month. 

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It's all channels.


With £32.50 of Tesco clubcard vouchers saved and converted to NowTV credit at a rate of £1.50 in credit for every 50p of vouchers, its led to a saving of £97.50, so £100.50 for the year (£11.16 a month).


To celebrate I'm watching some Super Rugby!

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As it's only a £3 increase on last year will get it for another year, although will wait until next Thursday to order as there is nothing until Practice that is really worth watching.

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As the thread starter, it's been great to see the debate on here. This is my final entry on this thread.


Like F1 itself, I have a season budget cap.....


Sky/NowTV's demands for the season pass again exceed my budget cap, which remains in force during Sky's exclusivity deal.


F1TV however is within my budget cap but not available in the UK due to Sky's exclusivity.


No money from me on this one Mr.Sky.  Bye Bye.



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The price increase over last season is less than the rate of inflation.

Granted I would love for it to be back on Free-To-Air as well, but that is not going to happen in the next few years. Sky would take Libery Media to the cleaners if they broke the deal.

Paying £198 for the entire season is a lot cheaper than having to pay for a full sky package.

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Just heard from a friend that works in F1 - that Vietnam is at the very least a closed door event... possibly even cancelled. 


Well, it looks like for people who didn't buy Now TV pass yet, there's still uncertainty since Melbourne might not happen at this point Now TV should make some official statement and tell us what they think they're gonna do...

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This weekend has been cancelled according to the BBC. So I've just cancelled my Now TV season pass. Got full refund as within 14-day cooling off period.


In the latest T&C's, they will provide an extra weeks pass for each races are scheduled later in the year. But if half the races are cancelled, I'd rather have a refund!

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This has been updated on the headline description.


> Watch every race guaranteed with a FREE Sky Sports Week Pass for any race postponed.


Then in the detailed terms and conditions, One FREE Sky Sports Week Pass for each race postponed, not applicable for cancelled races.


Race 1 Australia Cancelled.


Not looking good.


Can we just get an undertaking that we can pay £10/race for whole weekend, starting with 1st Practice until final Teds Padddock?


Not willing to gamble £198 quid and get a season of nothing burgers.

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If F1 are cool with quitting the Australian GP just 10 hours before the start of 1st practice, when all the teams and equipment are already there then I'd say this season is done before it's even started.

I'm not saying they were wrong to cancel it, but it says a lot when you take a moment to consider how much money went up in smoke in that one decision.


The Vietnam GP WILL be next to go and the corona virus pandemic is only going to get worse. Holland closed all its schools today, I shouldn't think they are worried about hosting a GP. It's a major problem in most of Europe and will be truly worldwide before the end of the season.


I believe re-scheduling missed races will be impossible, as I think most of the races will face bigger problems than the one cancelled today and there simply wont be time to re-schedule them all before the start of the 2021 season.


This a colossal mess which someone at Liberty Media should have identified earlier.


I'm getting my Scalextric out of the loft as its probably the only racing I'm going to see this year.


Stay safe everyone, stay 2 meters away from each other and keep washing your hands.


Watch every race guaranteed with a FREE Sky Sports Week Pass for any race postponed.


22 week passes - that's a bargain.


One FREE Sky Sports Week Pass for each race postponed, not applicable for cancelled races


Err, maybe not!