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Blotchy / Blocky Picture On Sports Channels

When watching the sports channels with boost activated the picture has a blotchy / blocky effect. The stream is certainly 1080p and 50fps watching through my now tv stick. The same issue isn't present watching BT Sport through youview or other channels. Its very noticeable on green grass when the camera is panning around and even more so on darker backgrounds. This isn't something I've noticed on the Sky Cinema channels.


Anyone have an idea on the cause or a possible cure? I have a picture of the problem but can't see how to upload it. 


Isnt that the truth they are as much use as a chocolate teapot. 

Like many people ive given up using now tv , sky are rubbish when my deal ends next month I wont renew unless they can fix the issue. and ill just continue with netflix, disney, amazon prime and apple tv. At least they offer 4k quality and a better experience than this service. And lets be fair the films they are releasing are not great or re-releasing shows which ive already seen or own on dvd which have better picture quality 🤣


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You know guys,


Branflakes note from NOW amazes me that there are people in the world that can write so many words, sentences and paragraphs and yet say absolutely nothing. It takes skill and practice, honed over years, to achieve such levels of nothingness.


So guys, you are on a fruitless journey of "kicking that can forever down a never ending road".



UK Bob

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All ,


ive still been emailing them every few weeks and complaining that it’s not fair to pay for a product that that can’t deliver properly. I received the following the other day :


‘Thanks for getting back to us.

We apologise for the delay in resolution. We had escalated this case to our Technical Experts and Team of developers who are constantly working on to fix this issue at the earliest. 

We’d also like to give you a month’s worth of NOW credit to compensate you for the inconvenience, worth £20’


I know £20 doesn’t go far but I will keep sending the same complaint  email every  couple of weeks . 

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Has anyone had a fix for this? I’m getting this on my Apple TV 4K. It only happens on the NowTV app and it’s like a camo watermark that is terribly noticeable in n dark images. Haven’t had any help from the Now support. This seems to be an issue with their newer app. I was using the old app till end of March this year and it was fine. As soon as I started using the new app I had this issue. Terrible service from them that they haven’t responded or fixed this


No fix, still no response from NOW almost 12 months in august With no fix. Its aweful they closed my case, i asked for it to be opened back up and they said its been resolved, trying to push it under the rug, ive emailed ofcom to see what they say as paying for a service thats not watchable and seems like they have know interest in fixing and not just an isolated issue but is happening to many users using different devices. Well see what they say and hoping they will force them to fix their in adequate service!


I honestly thought it was something wrong with my TV. I’ve been seeing this issue the past few months on my Apple TV 4K (both 2017 and 2021 models) and internal LG app. But seeing this has put my mind at rest!


I hope Now can sort this out eventually. Hopefully when the 50fps sport streams come in July. 

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Same for me, especially on the Golf Channel but too be honest any black looks like camouflage! Happens to me on Apple TV (latest version) with a 4K tv. I had assumed it was due to NowTV not broadcasting in high enough definition... but seems a bit rubbish when I pay for boost too!


I’ve just sent a complaint email too. 

been speaking to live chat last weekend and this. Getting nowhere. 

disconnect cables. Reset router, sign out/sign in. All the usual stuff. None of that is going to make a blind bit of difference. 

latest was that my internet connection is too slow. It isn’t. I can steam all other apps in 4K. Just another get out from them. 

really driving me crazy. 

Legend 5
Legend 5


The main question is what device do you have using to watch NOW with? 

Do you have Boost? 
However if it’s an LG TV you’ll only get 25fps which doesn’t work well with sports. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

@gavs82008 hi


i have a QLED Samsung using the built in NOW app and I have Boost. 

stream info certainly suggests HD