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tin star season 2

now tv has added 9 episodes of season 2 but i googled it and i belive it has 10 episodes, so was just wondering when the 10th episode would be added as this is a good series

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Yes you are right just had a look on imdb no point in starting to watch if we haven't got all episodes

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season 2 ep 9 shows on the small writeup that its the season 2 no ep10 😞

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I was going to start S2 today and noticed that  the running time for ep 1 is 66 mins. Maybe this is 2 eps combined so in effect 10 eps??

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There is definitely an issue with the episode listings on now TV. Sky go list an episode 2 which for some unknown reason is not on Now TV. I kind of can't really watch any further as I am effectively skipping an episode. 


Yes - JustWatch reports that NowTV has 8 episodes of Tin Star Season 2, while Sky Go has 9.


There are only 9 episodes, but NowTV has episode 2 missing.

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Just noticed this myself -  very annoying.


Maybe don't pay your bill and they might take notice!!