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'See It First' preview alerts

Subscribe to this thread for alerts of when a new 'See It First' programme is added to Now TV before broadcast. If you notice a new 'See It First' preview, please reply and add it to this thread.

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NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass Help and Info

Entertainment Month Pass Help and Info   We've compiled some of the main questions you’ve all asked us into this handy guide all about the NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all...

The Walking Dead S8

Just signed up as nowtv are advertising season 8 as being available to stream however is only giving me S9 episodes. Are the other seasons coming back? 

24 hour sports pass.

I bought the sports 24h pass for the Liverpool Man U game today at around 20past 3 afternoon and the game stopped working saying my pass has ran out and if I want to continue watching I’d have to buy another? Any ideas?


I’ve just gotten halfway through watching Tangled for the second time, the sound is terrible! At about half way through the film it sounds as if the speaker is blown. (I’m watching on my tv using NowTV stick) its not the TV though as we can watch oth...

Sky sports monthly pass

Hi I have purchased a sky sports monthly pass on 3 December, but I am unable to watch it( it disappeared from passes section). This is the confirmation: 451M123071157The payment appears on my bank statement so I’m not sure what is going on. How can I...

Sports pass

Why can't I buy a sports pass? Getting fed up with it now!!!!!


What a load of old rubbish absolutely nothing of interest unless you are brain dead... nothing new just the same old crap ######... what are you doing to update?

Just tattoo of us

Hi why is just tattoo of us Ep 7 series 4 missijg instead you put EP 1 seirse 4 there agin  Can you fix it please as I am stil wait to watch Tuesday thank you  


Ghost Whisperer season 2

Season 1 of the Ghost Whisperer was on Pick & I managed to watch, I can see that they are now on season 2 but cannot find this on NowTV.  Has anyone managed to find it (I keep getting an issue with Pick - one day there are shows there & another they ...

Movie pass not active on the Now app

I bought a Now Tv stick with a built in Movies one month pass. I activated it yesterday on my TV but it doesn't appear as active on the Now Tv app. If I click on a movie I am instructed to buy a pass. This is frustrating as I bought the stick and pas...