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Why Can’t I hear dialogue , only loud background music

I can only hear loud background music and no dialogue when trying to watch Elementary or anything else.


@Anonymous User 


Do you mean that quite literally, or do you just mean that the background music rather drowns out the dialogue?


If so, perhaps put the subtitles on.


Or put your TV in Night Mode in the Sound menu, and/or choose a sound setting like Clear Voice. Or if it has a graphic equaliser, punch up the range 250Hz to 2500Hz, punch up Mid if you have Bass/Mid/Treble.


if you have a surround sound system, punch up the middle speaker, as this carries the main voice components.


Some soundbars let you punch up a virtual middle speaker; a soundbar certainly helps anyway, with intelligibility.

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Hi. Thanks but I have now found that if I use my iPad without earphones, everything works as it should!