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The Hills - New Beginning. Missing Episode 10

Im wondering of you can help, I have been watching the above show since its reboot but have noticed that Episode 10 is not avialable is there any reason for this? I have double checked and its still on MTV? Episode 9 does advises that there is an Episode 10 but its not showing on any of my devices, these being Now TV box, and my Mac?


Many thanks



Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I have never seen this show, but as episode 10 been broadcasted live yet on MTV ?


Where looking on the Imdb website episode 10 is available in the States on the 2nd of September 2019 and looking at the UK Sky TV Planner it is showing episode 10 is available to watch on the live MTV channel at 8pm on Tuesday the 3rd of September 2019.


So based on the above date, i would have thought episode 10 will be added to the NowTV catch up service sometime after 8pm on the 3rd of September (hopefully within a 24 hour time slot) unless you want to watch it live at 8pm on NowTV MTV live channel at 8pm on the 3rd of Sept.