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Several issues with NowTV at the moment

So, here goes.

1. There has been an increase in missing episodes recently and I understand NowTV acknowledged the problem, but I haven't seen anything about it being fixed yet. This also includes new episodes taking a few days, rather than hours, to appear after their live broadcast. 

2. About half a dozen different programmes on my Watchlist have disappeared. Some I can add again, but others are no longer available. Is there some kind of limit to the number?

3. The Continue Watching section either doesn't show new episodes or keeps the last episode I watched sitting in the list.

4. On my iPad the volume toggle no longer changes the volume, I can move it but it doesn't make any difference. I have to change it via the iOS settings instead, and once I have done that the toggle jumps to the correct volume position.

5. I can get subtitles on my iPad but I have to go to the iOS accessibility settings to turn them on and off.

Points 1-3 affect both my iPad and my Roku.

I am sure there is something else but I can't remember at the moment.