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Subtitles, where are you for curb your enthusiasm S10 e9

Hi, as the title reads... escaping the world watching the excellent Larry David only to get to episode 9 and no subtitles. Very frustrating, and insulting in this day and age especially when all the big rival streaming services have no problems providing subtitles to the majority of their catalogue. What makes it twice as bad, is because sky have exclusive rights to shows, there's no hope for us deaf viewers to watch certain shows elsewhere, where they actually give a thought to us. Just browsing the catalogue, trying to find shows I would like to watch, then add the necessity of subtitles really filters out how little content there is. 

I know this issue is historical, and there's threads from several years back complaining about subtitles, so it's never going to be fixed but at least sky....don't pay £££s for exclusives...allow other streaming services to buy the rights so those of us who need subtitles can also enjoy the excellent shows on offer.