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Innaproriate trailor before a childrens film rated U

On 2 separate occasions recently I have put films on for my two young girls ans on boty occadions the trailors have been utterly unnacceptable. A few weeks ago I put on Paddington for them and a trailor for Your Honour came on. The trailor showed guns and blood and was not approriate for my two children aged 4 and 7. And then again today I put on Molly Moon and a trailor for The Walking Dead came on!!! My 7 year can read and asked what The Walking Dead meant!! There is no way to stop or fast forward these trailors. You need to stop running wholey inappropriate trailors before films obviously aimed children! It is unnacetable that my children should be watching even clips of these programs. I am sure I am not the only parent to notice this. 

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Re: Innaproriate trailor before a childrens film rated U

Hi @Hopos 


Because this is a customer based forum with other forum members helping each other out and it's rare for NOW Staffers to be proactive on here.


You may be better off sending a complaint directly to NOW using any of the communication methods in this link page below. 

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