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Error code: OVP_00055

Hi, Does anyone know what error code: OVP_00055 is for? I've tried to watch Blue Bloods on my Samsung TV (built into the TV, Living Room TV) NowTv smart stick (my bedroom) and an iPad 2 and unable to watch it. I've spoke to NowTv online chat who doesn't know what it is, so referred it to the technical assistance team to respond.
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I'm getting the same error message for Solo (Star Wars) and Ant Man tonight.


Two live chats with NowTV have timed out before they even got passed "sorry about that".


NowTV please help.


Ive had the same issue all day, kids tv section works fine but movies and entertainment had issues tried 2 tv sticks, ipad, iphone no such luck. Now tv chat stuck me in a que which said 634 people in front of you then crashed think theyre service is down yet again. Thought it might be router / isp casing an issue bit turns out thats fine.