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Boost pass price rise.

I have been a customer with now tv for 3 years on and off, the boost pass is an good idea but I'm not happy with the price going from £3 to £5 I'm not interested in the kids channel's what so ever so why do I have to pay for them??? I think its time to look around and get my steaming servis from somewhere else.

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Worse than that as by not having boost you will drop from 3 streams to 1 stream from mid-July.

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I only had now tv on my firestick anyway that's not the problem. The problem is there trying to charge me for content I will never use. So I've cancelled my membership for now hopfully in the future now will sort there acts out.

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720p and one stream as standard! It's obvious that Comcast has no interest in NOW TV and plans to extract as much money from its users as possible before shutting it down. 


Maybe the long promised Sky TV without a dish service is about to be announced, and these changes will make that service look like a more attractive option than NOW TV? 

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I really hope so that would be a much better option I have never had a problem with now tv but I'm not paying for channels I'll never use 


I got the email about this recently. Currently I have long term offers on movies and entertainment which I now see were precursors to the Boost price rise. They constantly have customers on retention offers so reducing the cinema price means nothing. They are going to start clawing back the offer discounts by putting it on boost. When it goes up in price I'll click cancel to see if there's a retention offer. If there's not then I'll probably cancel the entertainment package to offset it. The movies on NowTV are generally better than other services but the entertainment I only have as its discounted. 







Since this new company took over Now TV and rebranded it NOW there has been marked changes in the offers being made available, i.e. no longer general but more targeted. Which I believe is a subtle way of raising prices, along with ditching the unprofitable kid's channel and putting up Boost.


The cut in Cinema membership is possibly due to NOW trying to attract new and re-attract lost customers, the original price hike was not that popular.


I guess, what I am actually saying is, this new company has a new philosophy along with new policies, which is aimed at growing itself into a bigger more profitable entity, maybe like Netflix and/or Amazon, i.e. that's the American way.


So as customers we can either stick with it or move on.


Sorry, I'm being a bit fatalistic.



UK Bob




I generally think NowTv is pretty good value compared to the full satellite sky package. I just think the Boost increase is them realising that long term customers know how to get the offers so don't generally pay the standard price. If they push up the boost price and stop discounting it, the discounts on the entertainment and movies are eroded. Its like they say hey you're a good customer so when  your current entertainment offer ends we'll keep it going for a whole 6 months. Then before it kicks in they increase the price of boost.


The cheaper cinema price will attract new customers in the short term but the boost increase may cause long term customers to cut back what they have.

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Yep if I need to pay to watch on devices it looks like either no now tv or will have to lose one of the packages, disapointing but i cannot budget for both.  Netflix looking more attractive now.



The [price] cut in Cinema membership is possibly due to NOW trying to attract new and re-attract lost customers, the original price hike was not that popular.


I would say the price cut is about losing so many films to Disney plus and not replacing them with anything of equivalent quality.  Also the lack of new movies in last 15 months.


As it stands, Sky Cinema is probably 4th in overall quality of movies. Prime, Disney Plus and Netflix are all superior.  Hard to justify charging more than each and every one of them.   I stopped my Sky Cinema a fortnight ago.

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Plus there is a lot of Fox Movies that are currently leaving to Disney Plus or about to leave in the coming months. Alien Franchise for example 


With Amazon buying MGM that is one less Movie company who will license there films to Now I imagine as well. Still surprised that NBC haven't managed to get all of there Dreamworks films properly on the service yet. Was expecting Kung Fu Panda and How to Train your dragon full franchises much sooner.

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Limiting non-boost customers to 1 stream is a massive own-goal. I've been watching sport on Now tv for maybe 10 years, often watching 2 channels at the same time. To be honest, it's unlikely i would pay for sport anymore anyway. Pretty much lost interest in football since all the VAR, diving, empty stadiums and the ESL debacle. Also, i've finally given up betting after 30 years of betting on every match i watch, so the constant flow of gambling adverts on Sky Sports really irritates me. I like watching the golf majors, but i'm not paying full whack just for those. But if i was still a regular sports pass subscriber, or considered getting a pass next season, only being able to have 1 stream would kill that thought from my mind stone dead. 


As for Sky Cinema, it depends on your situation. I had an offer of £5.99 a month and found i wasn't watching anything at all on it, so i cancelled even at that price. I have about five times more movies on blu ray and dvd than are on Sky Cinema. Also i have no interest at all in superhero movies, which seem to make up a huge percentage of the movies on there. If you don't have a large dvd collection, it no doubt is more appealing. It's hard for any streaming service that concentrates on just movies, as most films these days can't really compete with watching cats playing in cardboard boxes on youtube. And everything truly great, has already been made. Every genre imaginable has at least 5 movies that are so perfect, anything new can't even hope to compete with. Unless it's a once in a lifetime masterpiece like JoJo Rabbit. Or a blast of a musical like The Greatest Showman. Most new films actually worth watching these days are animated ones and we all know who has that area sewn up with a big red bow.


My Boost payments are on the 17th of each month. Last Tuesday, 15th June, I accepted an offer of £1 per month for 3 months. On the 17th June, £1 was correctly taken from my credit card.


However, my account is now saying that the next payment due on 17th July will be £3 - shown as £5 with a £2 discount. I'm sure that I didn't misread the offer - I'm certain that it was £1 per month for 3 months, and not a £2 discount for 3 months.


Is anyone else seeing the same thing? Live chat with support isn't working at the moment.

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Legend 5

Hi @MK65 


Would have thought the £1 per month Boost for 3 months should be fixed for the full three month duration of the offer, irrespective of a Boost price increase.


Possibly a glitch with the NOW software.


With regards to live chat, try a different internet browser or another device with a browser on it.


Hopefully NOW live chat will sort it out for you.


Strange - despite the Now Live Chat still saying:


"Live Chat

Sorry, we’re not online right now. Chat 8am-midnight for TV issues."


a change of browser from Firefox to Chromium did resolve the issue.


They said that the offer is called "UK_3M_2GBP_OFF_BOOST_PASS", so gives £2 off of the current £3 price = £1, (as I was charged last week). However I pointed out that Boost goes up to £5 on 15th July, and it is currently showing in my account as next payment is £5 - £2 = £3. They basically said ignore that and to go back to them if I am charged incorrectly next month, so I'll keep an eye on it.