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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Sky sports pass not working

Last week I won a sky sports mobile pass on McDonald’s monopoly. I added it to my account straight away, the pass shows in my account but every time I try to use it on my iPad or my phone it says I need a pass to be able to watch it? Surely if the pa...

Now TV Boost not Activated?

So I have used the Trial of the Boost over Christmas and it was great...all my Channels were in HD (Movies and Entertainment)So I thought I would buy it as an add on.Well I have and it hasn't been activated.When I opened Now TV with the Boost Trial a...

cant watch tv

hi,  im having problems watching live tv, it seems to be missing from the home screen menu.i can not select tv guide or catch up in the list, they are missing! i have updated and scanned for channels and no joy, im currently doing a factory reset but...

Fast and loud episodes are a mess!

The new episodes for Fast and loud are all over the place!It started with episode 2 then there's what looks to be the final episode and you have only just released episode 1? It's listed as season 6 yet its the 15th season? It's been like this for ye...

Resolved! instinct

love the instinct series,  Been waiting for INSTINCT season 2!Was on for few days then vanished...  can someone let know where its gone 

iPad app keeps crashing

Have installed app onto iPad, when I choose movies it keeps crashing, but have noticed the app only offers sports on the main page, not entertainment or movies, have to go into menu to choose movies. Have deleted app and installed again but keeps cra...

My 'Movies For You'

Hey, I'm sure this will have been addressed elsewhere, but if not...Surely there is a way to force a change to my 'Movies For You' selection.Since as long as I can remember there have been the same 15 - 20 Movies, rarely a noticeable update or change...