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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Modern Family disappeared early

Hi,we’ve signed up to watch modern family - season 8, 9 and 10 were all listen until the end of September. Have logged on this morning and season 8 has gone, there are some very random episodes of 9 and some missing for 10. Is this a glitch or what’s...

Downton Abbey Gone?

I'm half way through S1 of Downton and it seems to be gone! It doesn't come up when I search for it and if I get onto it through Google it says "unavailable". Have they taken Downton off NowTV :(???!!!!

Paw patrol dinosaur episodes

Hidoes anyone know when the new paw patrol dinosaur episodes will be available on catchup ? Their was a live episode at 5pm and I’ve just signed up to nowtv so my son can watch it but it’s not on catchup yet. There are more airing this week but we wo...

Resolved! Ball Flicker

Fairly new to now tv and debating leaving sky to try out the sports with hopefully a season pass when it comes available but I’ve noticed ball flicker a lot. Have a decent 4K Samsung tv and also using boost which states 50fps picture is good films ar...

Below deck med missing episode

Hi, BDM was shown yesterday in the US & we usually have it by 7am the next morning but it doesn’t seem to be there?This seems to happen occasionally with a couple of other guilty pleasure shows I watch. Is there a reason for delayed uploads? Many tha...

Resolved! The Wire missing episode

Episode 2 of season 2 is missing was definitely on when we started watching series 1 as I remember seeing that there were 60 episodes across all seasons. anyone know why this might be the case and how quickly it may get resolved?