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Content Issues / Missing Episodes



Hi, why is Season 5 missing from the ‘Younger’ series?Pointless to go on to 6. Is Season 7 not out now as well?I have to just stop in the middle?First time I’ve signed up to NOW last week and this is crap if I’m honest.Regards.

Poor Quality Viewing

There is nothing wrong with my internet or TV. Same problem on my BT box nd now TV box.  Netflix HD is perfect whereas Sky Sports on Now TV is unwatchable, constantly buffering and definetley not HD! Used to be great but not any more. Certainly not w...

Indiscreet movie weirdly cropped

I tried watching Indiscreet found it was really weirdly cropped, like I'm watching about a quarter of the image. I've tried it on several Rokus, and my computer, and it...

Resolved! Lots of Sky Arts not searchable

I've been trying to find some programmes on Sky Arts and they don't appear in search results even though they are available. For instance  The Painter and the Thief

Parental pin

Hi  I have set my parental pin which is working to watch anything in the library but it is not being asked to watch any live TV, my child is able to watch any certificate programme if it is live.  Have I missed something? How can I stop my child watc...

Why does Now TV charge for Full HD?

It's 2020 and Nowtv is still only broadcasting in 720p unless you pay an extra £3 a month to get 1080p. for £3 a month you should be getting 4k and HDR which both Netflix and Prime offer. Prime dont even charge extra for it. Now tv is not only the mo...