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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Red Button Feeds

Please add more bandwidth to these, tonight's UKR-GER match is buffering in the second half. Making watching annoying. This needs expediting with many more streams due in the coming days and weeks. 

The Leftovers

The show is on live tv via the guide, but isn’t appearing on search so cannot watch on our own time. We’ve been waiting to watch it for a long time and not being able to start from the beginning is very frustrating. 

APB Episodes 1-11 suddenly disappeared

APB Episodes 1-11 all disappeared on 7/10/20 even though the system said that they had 2 days to expire: only Episode 12 showing.  I was watching episode 8 and when that finished all the others apart from ep12 were no longer available.  This was on a...

ALNOW1 by Mentor
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IPL Off air?

Why is IPL pulled off air please? Also the catalogue seems outdated with image showing as IPL but streaming seem to be different.  Can we get IPL coverage of all matches from start to end please instead of suddenly removing from live streaming?

Missing seasons

I wanted to start watching dc legends of tomorrow, flash, supergirl and arrow from the beginning but I have just found out there is only; 4 seasons of DC legends of tomorrow, 5 seasons of flash, 4 seasons of supergirl and 3 seasons of arrow available...