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Vanpire academy episode 6

Episode says number 6, however it’s number 5 again. Any help on how to get the correct episode? I’ve seen the same one twice 

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Legend 5
Legend 5

@LukeofHazard I'll tag @Izzie-T @ContentTeam from the NOW Team who can look into this for you. In the meantime can you confirm which device you're watching on so they can report this, as Episode 6 is correct on the devices I've checked (also, if you have other devices to watch on, you might want to try the episode yourself as well). 

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NOW Team Member
NOW Team Member

Hi @LukeofHazard , apologies for the delay. Can you let me know if it is still happening? We checked on few devices and its playing correct. It would be great if you could let us know the device you found the issue on. Thanks. @Andy