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US Open Unavailabilityof matches on catch up

Does anyone at NOW actually look at this board, can anyone tell me?  I’d appreciate a solid answer why we are not getting the US Open Tennis on catch up.  In the UK it is virtually impossible to watch matches during the night and we rely on catchup.  I went in today fairly confident of seeing Carlos Alcaraz, the No. 1 men’s seed, on catch up as he played last night.  the only match from last night that I can see is Venus Williams, of all people.  What are they thinking of?  They still have 2 matches to view from day 1.  surely it is not beyond the wit of NOW/Sky to update with last night’s matches?  If they want an example of good presentation, they should look at Prime.  I believe Sky are taking all tennis from next year.  If this is true, I despair if this is the sort of service they are expecting to offer.


Just imagine all the Aussie warm up tournaments with no catch up, or the usopen warm ups, asian swing with no catch up. Might aswell say goodbye to WTA tournaments, they'll just be highlights package on Mix. I can just see them streaming all courts from the Cluj Open.


Totally agree with the above comments. Surely Sky/NOW looked at what is or was offered by other providers in relation to full replays of matches and aimed to match if not improve on that. I only signed up and paid to be able to watch replays and the 2 or 3 available are of no interest. They should be able to offer replays of all matches, shortly after finishing, as was the case on Prime and even Eurosport/Discovery+. Will definitely not be continuing my membership if the last couple of days are going to be the norm. Unbelievably poor service.


I really wish i could get my money back.


could not agree more with this


You can - I did.  Contact via chat and object to not being able to stream what has been promised.  I was refunded in my account the next day.


Hi Berry, can you tell me how to get a refund of 1 month Sky payment please? Where’s the chat function? Coverage is absolutely terrible, can’t watch the matches you want, commentary interferes with the tennis and Sky flatly refuse to engage. 


I wish I could know there's no catch up before I joined, I joined only for watching US open but very disappointed now....



You can't make your content more clear, Staylor!I t is an absolute disgrace to Now Sport. I do check several times a day if the matches were finally added to Catch Up. I was hoping they'll be after the first 24 hours of the tournament as someone here suggested it may be the case but now I lost my hope. Shame! I do not understand the purpose of it. As said so many times here; it's impossible to watch the last matches of the day as they fall beyond midnight in the UK. I do doubt we will find any answers here as these comments seem not to be reviewed by the competent people from Now Sport/Sky Sport.


Couldn't agree more. The service from NOW/sky is pathetic compared to Prime... and it cost 3 times as much!