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Subtitles and sound issues on Windows 10

So I'm a new customer and already I'm thinking of cancelling.

I've already made a complaint about the subtitles not working properly. Now I've discovered an issue just as bad. Dialogue is really quiet, whereas the rest of the film is really loud. I usually use subtitles because of my hearing, but now I'm struggling to turn the volume up because the rest of the film is so loud. I thought it was maybe one or two films, but I've tried a few and they all have the same issue. It's made them completely unwatchable. I think it might actually make me cancel my subscription. Looking through the community it seems like these issues have been happening for months, if not years. I was really looking forward to watching sky movies and now I'm so disappointed. It's worrying that they haven't even tried to resolve the issue. Hoping to hear back from them, but if it's bad news I don't see any reason to keep paying them.


I realise I'm not the only one having this issue. I'm just hoping customer service take it a little more seriously if there are more complaints about it.