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San Diego WTA 500 final

I'm really annoyed about the tennis coverage here on Now TV / Sky Tennis, since Sky took over from Amazon, as it's becoming painfully difficult to actually watch the matches that most British tennis fans want to watch - namely British players. A couple of days ago it wasn't possible to access Jack Draper's match, after recording the live channel and searching for it on catch up.

Last night I set the recording on the tennis channel for the San Diego 500 final featuring Katie Boulter, the biggest match of her career so far, and the recording ran out inside the third game of the match, and that was that.

I still don't know the result of the match, so am currently avoiding social media and news channels so far this morning, so I thought at least the 'catch up' option here on Now TV would enable me to watch the match, but that's only got her semi-final match from Saturday available to watch. The whole point of having a 'catch up' option for sporting events is surely to enable those who couldn't catch the match live - usually due to it taking place in the middle of the night somewhere else in the world - soon after the event ends, so the result isn't spoiled before they watch it.

Is it really so difficult to 'copy and paste' the recording into a 'catch up' file for sports fans to access, a couple of hours after the event ends? 

With Indian Wells coming up, we'll have at least 6 Brits in the main draw, and with an 8 hour time difference, there are bound to be plenty of matches that British fans are going to miss overnight and want to watch in the morning afterwards, so please can this issue be resolved as soon as possible? 


Totally agree. How can the tennis coverage on Sky / Now TV be so poor! I will be cancelling my subscription.

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@James_B @petec123 

Best to moan at Sky Viewer Relations, nothing can be done on here sadly.

viewer r @ sky . uk (ensure no spaces)

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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its amazing that sky can get every F1,F2,F3 session 'on demand' within 24hrs but not a WTA Final with a Brit involved. Spoiler, what a great result, pity I didn't get to watch any of it.

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Actually they can't and don't, there are plenty of posts from motorsport fans here to attest to that!



totally agree, I have just been trying to access the San Diego final and given up, so disappointing.



It's a disgrace that I am unable to see the Katie Boulter match on the Now TV/Sky Sports 'Tennis Catch Up'. They have made available the WTA 250 Austin Final, the ATP 250 Santiago Final, the ATP Acapulco Final etc on 'Catch Up' but not the Katie Boulter (British) WTA San Diego Final. Sky Sport, did you 'buy' the contract for tennis (5 years), for your viewers or for yourselves?

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Just been added to the NOW catchup service.




Very appreciated ... 



Totally agree with your post. They promise Tennis via Sky but fail to actually deliver. We will be cancelling our subscription