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Reason I'm leaving: Accessibility.

Just cancelled NowTV Movie pass, though it wouldn't let me explain why, so I thought I'd leave this forum post.

So, basically there were two issues with NowTV that were getting on my nerves:

1. The pre-play adverts, which were loud and obnoxious and something I wasn't interested in at all.

And more importantly;

2. Accessibility sucks.

Movies have subtitles, though good luck getting many entertainment shows with subs. The trouble is, there has been little quality control on what subtitles are actually there. Quite often subtitles pause and miss out entire sections of dialogue.


Not very handy if you're not watching an action flick. But also, there are so many common basic mistakes, such as one whole line of subtitles representing two people talking, and that line is entirely in yellow. It makes for identication of who is speaking difficult. Still, my main issue is really with subtitles cutting out, or being incomprehensible on certain films, doubly so if it happens during plot-critical dialogue sections.

That's just infuriating. I really don't see why it is this bad, because Sky in general is pretty decent with subtitles when they don't have an accidental delay on them... 


So, yeah, just putting this forward so you know why I'm not staying with NowTv. It's too much of a lottery to get a movie with decent subtitles at the moment, so I'm sticking to other streaming sites for the time being. (P.S. Get rid of ads please.)

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Re: Reason I'm leaving: Accessibility.

I'd argue Sky were no better with subtitles. That's the reason I left Sky - you'd get subtitles on some Sky content, but nearly every show I wanted to watch on Sky didn't have subtitles unless you watched/recorded it live (Walking Dead, Future Man to name a few). There are also no subtitles on Sky Go, Sky Q apps, nor any subtitles on 4K movies both from Sky Cinema & Sky Store.

I find it hard to comprehend why Sky & NowTV struggle so much with subtitle availability - Netflix & Amazon have this nailed down.

Luckily Sky listened to my concerns that I was not able to use their service & they have allowed me to leave 4 months into an 18 month contract free of charge.

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