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Programs keep disappearing from my watch list (and i cannot re add them?)

Programs keep disappearing from my watch list, i looked at my watch list which said 144 items; I went to add something and it said watch list total 111?  I turned off my NOWTV stick and it now says 91 items on my watch list ?

I looked and found a program which was missing and opted to add the show - I got the message sating that this program has been added to your watch list but it hasn't ????

Any suggestions as I have missed a show because of this ?????

(I have tried adding items via both this stick and my laptop and get the same result)

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@Anonymous User 

Funnily I’ve noticed this as well and when I go to “add” them again they are already part of my watch list. 

To be honest I haven’t reported it. 

Best to take screenshots and drop an email to customer support on the address within the picture below 


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Me too. I reported it. It’s a problem their end and they are trying to fix it. 

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Over on NowTV Twitter, NowTV are aware of the problem and their Technical Team are in the process of fixing it (according to the Tweet by NowTV).