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Not all films showing

I got a now tv box when it first came out so still using the same box.. but recently when I go to find a film to watch only a few show up like in the Disney section only 20 films show up (none the one I wanted to watch) so I type it in on the search bar then the film appears.. hope I’m explaining it right, as quite frustrating to think there’s more films that aren’t appearing on my box anyone else having the same issue 

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


On my NowTV smart box under "Disney Modern Greats" it is showing 40 movie titles.


Sometimes a reboot on your box might add the movie titles that are missing in the relevant folder section.


I am assuming you have the older white box where i haven't used this box in a few years and can't check if for some reason the white box is missing some Disney titles in the dedicated Disney folder (perhaps somebody who still uses the white box can check for you before contacting live chat).