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My 'Movies For You'



I'm sure this will have been addressed elsewhere, but if not...

Surely there is a way to force a change to my 'Movies For You' selection.

Since as long as I can remember there have been the same 15 - 20 Movies, rarely a noticeable update or change.

Can I reset my preferences? Or who can do it for me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, or failing that any advice on who I can ring, email, message.


Thanks in advance,



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Hi @Anonymous User 


My guess it is a software algorithm generated at NowTV's end 😠.


Not aware of any way to remove or change your preferences yourself 😠.


You could try live chat, but i suspect they will say it is automatically done on their software and have no control over it (might be wrong though).

Anonymous User
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Thanks and yeah, you're probably right,


But I will try to chat with them,


I'll certainly post their response,