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Missing episodes of kids programmes

I have a NOW tv kids pass, which I purchased when installing the system.

Recently over the last few months more and more episodes of programmes have dissappeared from the NOW TV databank.

I particular all of the MR BEAN cartoon episodes have been removed. Also over the last month PAW PATROL has seen a major reduction of episodes available for watching.

The whole point of installing NOW TV was to reduce the overall monthly bill for the SKY service( even though NOW TV is a SKY subsidary so you score both ways).

With 3 very young grandchildren who we look after on a regularr basis this is actually becoming an embarressment when they request to watch a programme and we cant deliver.


I presume that SKY have now found an alternative way of taking money but not nessisarily providing the service for which we pay.


Can you please explain as to why this is please as it would seem that you are in fact fraudulantly advertising a service that does not exist, or at least it would appear to be that way.

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Re: Missing episodes of kids programmes

I wonder about this too. My little boy is coming up 4 and trying to explain that things have disappeared just don't cut it for him. 

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