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Mandatory Pin - utterly ridiculous

Both my husband and I are in our sixties and definitely don't need to have parental guidance on what to watch. We don't have grand children so never have kids around. Not being able to turn pin off is absolutely ridiculous. It is incredibly annoying and whoever was the idiot that thought this change is a good idea should be sacked. Every time you want to watch a film you have to put in a pin. That is nuts. We are adults and perfectly capable of making decisions of what to watch. I've been using Now TV for nearly a year now and have been very happy but this utterly senseless piece of regulation is preposterous. 


Get it sorted Sky. Or you will be losing many customers.

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Re: Mandatory Pin - utterly ridiculous

Couldn't agree more. I am now considering scrapping the movies

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Re: Mandatory Pin - utterly ridiculous

For the 1st time today when I entered my pin it said that it wasn't recognised. I just left it as it was just for background noise. Want to watch a film in bed and entered my pin - wouldn't work. Hubby reset pin - Still wouldn't work. We don't need pin and now I can't work box in my room. So annoyed with it!

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Re: Mandatory Pin - utterly ridiculous

This business of entering a pin every time you change a channel on Sky Movies has to stop, it's as simple as that. This is the first time I've encountered a major issue on Now TV that is pushing me away from keeping the service. I can understand putting a PIN in for purposes of a child lock, but I'm a 29 year old man with no children, I don't need a child lock pin on my service, I'm PAYING to be able to view movie channels at my own choosing, I don't need to put a PIN in every time I change a channel, this is utterly barbaric and you need to pack it in sharpish and a more practical way of managing child lock, for goodness sake. 

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Re: Mandatory Pin - utterly ridiculous

I have been thinking that mandatory Pin nonsense should be removed. I am definitely not a happy bunny. I have tried put the settings to the highest level ie porn basically and I still have to put in the flipping pin. I have been using NOWTV for roughly 6 years and this is the daftest thing they have come up with although there are a few others that are also daft  



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Re: Mandatory Pin - utterly ridiculous

You will require a pin for every channel Why,  only person in the house!!! Why do I need a pin

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