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Gormorrah Season 5 skips Episodes

I  'cast' Gormorrah from my Samsung Tablet to a Philips Smart TV. Following several minutes of buffering and flick backs to the full screen advert for Landscapers, I finally ,

'locked' on to Season 5 Ep1. Having viewed it, I then selected Watch Next Episode. Advert for Landscapers reappeared so had to BACK to episode listing and selected Ep2. The screen flicked and Ep 3 appeared. I repeated selection four times with the same result. On the fifth attempt when Ep 3 displayed, I then pressed PLAY and Ep 4 appeared. Whilst all this was happening the advert for Landscapers ad reappeard time and time again. The whole procedure repeated itself several times over the day for a couple of days so I gave up and being totally p***** off, I cancelled my subscription. This now ends on 19th Jan so is there any chance I can get NOW to work properly, what solutions does anyone have in order to view EP 2 onwards by 19th.

Note I have Virgin Media 600mbps Broadband.

Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

Is the issue on your TV or tablet?


Can you delete the app on your TV to reinstall?


Worthwhile unplugging both TV and router for a few minutes if you haven’t done already.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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NOW APP not available on my Philips OLED 935 TV.


I log on to the Samsung tablet's NOW APP,  use the tablet screen to navigate my selections and then 'Cast'. Thats when the problem described commences.  I recently watched the whole of the final season of Succession without any problems.

All my TV's  & Virgin Media Apps such as Netflix, Prime, iPlayer, ITV HUB etc work perfectly.


I have not rebooted neither my router or TV  so will do this afternoon and then update this thread.

Many thanks for your suggestion. 


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I have uninstalled  / reinstalled the NOW APP on my Samsung tablet and rebooted my Virgin Media Router. The original problem post #1  persists except that S5E3 now plays OK having jumpted from the unplayable E2!. 

So, bye bye NOW 😡👎.

Apple TV+ with it's TV App installed, no casting needed,  on my Philips OLED TV has far superior quality / Dolby Atmos & Vision content to keep me interested in the future.  "For All Mankind", "Tehran" and "Foundation" are examles of a superior product 👍😀, so NOW needs to up it's game dramatically. I'll consider coming back to NOW if and when there is a Season 4 of  "Succession".

Here endeth the lession from a very very disappointed customer. NOW = 1 /10