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Formula 1 onboard

During the F1 coverage Sky Sports are really pushing the individual driver onboard streams via red button. I didn't see any bonus streams available during the race I am using the Now TV app and as far as I am aware this is owned by Sky Group.

Is there a plan to add this functionality to Now TV at some point? I feel like since I am paying a subscription fee for access to Sky Sports and you are not really providing me with the full experience and incomplete coverage to counterparts who are paying a Sky Sports subscription too as advertised this is really quite disappointing.

If I am mistaken and these bonus streams already exist they're incredibly difficult to find, can anyone help thanks!?

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Patrick1 

Also asked on this linked thread below.

NOW does offer a Bonus stream for a random driver, but you can't choose any on the twenty driver onboard camera views like on Sky or Sky Glass.

Perhaps drop NOW an email requesting this feature.