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Criminal minds season 14 episode 10

This has already aired nearly a month ago but not showing on nowtv! When will it be available ? I only subscribe to the entertainment package for this, seems like they’re delaying it to make you pay for extra months 

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Re: Criminal minds season 14 episode 10

I watch this series and episode 10 has NOT been aired yet, the last one being episode 9 which was on SKY Witness on 24th December. I suspect the show is now on its mid season break and will return to In a few weeks. When it will also be on catchup via Now TV.

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Re: Criminal minds season 14 episode 10

It says on the CBS website that there's 12 episodes out so it seems like a Sky thing.  I'm having withdrawals :'(

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Re: Criminal minds season 14 episode 10

Hi @Mrsbrook @Spudface3 @nowswaish

Reading NowTV's Twitter feed, NowTV replied to a customers tweet saying that Criminal Minds Season 14 is returning to their service on the 11th of February 2019.