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Adventure time missing and hidden episodes list

Just got done rewatching and thought I'd make a list of the episodes missing and the ones that aren't in the 10 seasons but still on now tv 


Note the episode numbers are from IMDB and probably wouldn't match up with the numbers on now tv as the order is a little strange on now tv


Now tv missing and hidden episodes


Any with the dollar ($) sign beside them are on now tv they are just separate from the 10 seasons and require you to search the episode name


Season 1
• Ep21 donny
Season 2
• Ep1 It came from the nightosphear
• Ep17 Death in bloom
• Ep25 Mortal reciol
Season 3
• Ep12 the creeps
• Ep15 no one can hear you
• Ep16 jake vs me- mow
• Ep18 The now frontier
Season 4
• Ep3 web weirdo's
• Ep5 return to the nightosphear
• Ep6 daddy's little monster
• Ep12 gotcha
Season 5
• Ep15 puhoy $
• Ep16 a glitch is a glitch $
Season 6
• Ep1 Wake up
• Ep2 Escape from the citadel
• Ep4 the tower
• Ep6 breezy
• Ep37 waterpark prank $
Season 7
• Ep14 the more you moe $
• Ep15 the moe you know $
• Ep28 don't look
Season 8
• Ep10 islands part 4

(very strange as parts 1 to 3 then 5 to 8 are there no idea why they wouldn't include part 4)
Season 9
• Well would you look at that all epsiodes are there thats a first...
Season 10
• Ep13 come along with me $


I assume the episodes that are missing have either unsuitable themes or there banned because of fins flower arm

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Completely missed season 7 episode 28 don't look it is there haha my bad