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After 2 to 3 mins of watching the movies for now tv on the PS3 it goes out (stops working and returns to the selection screen for those who don't understand the term goes out as your'e sales team didnt)

Yet your rival in netflix works, go figure, can game online so not a internet connection problem,  and when checked my ping and internet speed to see it this was relivant, well, 6 ping and 65mb D/L speed, which i can say is annnoying to say the least.  I have reinstalled the app, and even though it works a lot smoother, same thing happens infact, its a little worse, it also happens on my PS4, which is really annoying, can you please help me solve this issue?

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Hi @Anonymous User and @Anonymous User


Thanks for your posts and very sorry about that 😞


I have raised this with our technical team who is looking into this issue as we speak. Hopefully this will get sorted soon.


In the mean time, you can watch NOW TV on any other supported device.


Once again, very sorry about that 😞




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I'm having this issue also with my ps3. I've read through the forum and followed advice given to other users i.e. uninstall, reinstall, delete cache, have nothing else using the wifi etc. However, i'm unable to try a wired connection due to the location of the router in the house.
Although, i don't see why we should have to try a wired connection in the first place.. Wifi connection hasn't been an issue, and isn't an issue for any other app or game. Not to mention the fact we're each paying £6.99 p/m minimum for a service. You should be delivering!
Can you please sort this problem!