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XBox One app doesn't prompt for sign-in

Hi folks.


The Now TV app on one of my Xbox Ones has stopped working. When I select it, it takes me to my home screen but I can't then select anything. ie for TV it tells me "Could not register Device. Maximum allowed devices exceeded". I only have 3 devices, 2 of which I registered after this one stopped working. They work fine.


If I select Movies, it prompts me to buy a pass which I already have.


The "Continue watching" is populated with programmes I've never watched.


I've deleted and reinstalled the app several times. Cleared data from the Xbox and reset my password.


This happened once before and I cleared all but one of my devices and re-registered them after deleting/reinstalling the app.


I'm not being prompted to sign in after the app has been reinstalled, it just goes straight to the home screen.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.