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Cancelling a pass


I cancelled the  cinema pass last month and it appears I still have it.


How do I cancel Sky Cinema and know it's worked? I received a message saying I could use it until my bill day but it appears to be still going. Is it possible that by watching a film that it automatically re-enables the pass.


My kids may have tried to watch something.


I've tried using NowTV help to contact someone but keep getting redirected back to the main help page. All a bit frustrating really.



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Re: Cancelling a pass

@jason1234567678 you would get an email. Of course there's nothing to stop kids reactivating passes if they don't have a payment pin. You need to set this. When you cancel, you can watch up until when you have paid for.

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Chat are open 8am to Midnight:

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Re: Cancelling a pass

@jason1234567678 In addition if you expected the pass to be cancelled and it's carried on against your wishes no harm in popping onto live chat, explaining what's happened and seeing if they can refund you. If content has already been watched then it may be a tougher sell but it only takes 5 mins to try. 


You can get to live chat from the Contact Us page

(expand the Anything Else section at the bottom for options)

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Re: Cancelling a pass

Thanks for this


I had the payment pin and had cancelled. I just don't think it stuck!


Spoke to online chat who cancelled and refunded me. Apparently I was also charged twice when attempting to cancel. I'll keep an eye on it for next month.