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I am currently a sky customer but have just signed up for now cinema package. This may be a silly question but how do I watch it? Will they send me a stick or do I view on my normal sky box? 

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Re: Tv

Hi @Lindsey1977

Once you have purchased a nowtv cinema pass, then will will need a compatible device to watch the movies back on.

See this help guide on what devices you can use to watch nowtv with.

NowTV don't normally provide a stick if you buy a pass from their website unless you buy a stick has an optional extra to your pass.

Unfortunately the Sky Satellite Boxes don't work with nowtv.

 If you don't own a device from the above link, then the nowtv stick will be the cheapest option, where you can buy a stick with a bundled pass from places like Argos, Curry's etc which are currently selling for £15 (just make sure your TV has a spare HDMI port to plug in the stick).


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