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Apple TV


Device limit reset

Hi,I isn't realise there was a monthly limit on adding devices to my account.Is there anyway this can be reset? It's a bit lame not having NowTV for Christmas. Might as we cancel it!Cheers!


HiIve recently purchased the new Apple TV and have the now tv app for the entertainment package. Watching game of thrones I'm getting a great picture but it's so so juddery! Can anyone help me sort this out. Some days is worse, some days if seems to ...

Programmes have stopped playing through Apple TV.

I've been watching TV shows perfectly from my Apple TV box, until today when I get a screen telling me to JOIN NOW or restore through my iTunes account. I haven't subscribed through iTunes and can still play programmes from my laptop. What has happen...

Disgusted by lies told by customer service about Apple TV

I've been online with tier 2 Now TV support talking about the need for an update to the Now TV Apple TV app. Instead of answering any of my questions about updates, they kept trying to suggest the problem was my end, that I wasn't on the latest versi...

Apple TV update

@Anonymous UserAre there any plans to update the Apple app any time soon? I spoke to one of your colleagues via web chat the other day and they said it could be possible before Christmas?

Error Loading Content on Apple TV

Now TV will no longer play on demand content on my Apple TV4. It works fine for Live TV but shows a message "An error occured loading this content" when trying to watching on demand. Your app hasn't been updated in months and I can only assume you're...

Resolved! Additional boxes

I am new to now TV and have one box in my bedroom. If I want to put a box in another room will I be able to sign in using the same account as the first box and that then be one of my four devices?

Black screen every time you press the Menu button at end of show

Hi, I tried searching for this, although I will be honest, the forum was slow so I gave up fairly swiftly, but... I have this issue where, if I watching a show, doesn't matter what it is, and the show finishes, rather than showing the next episode in...

Can't sign in on Apple TV 4

Hi,  Had a relative sign in on my apple TV so he could watch the football. Now I can't sign in, and he's notified me that my passes(everything but sport) are now associated with his account. How do I undo this?