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My TV on Apple TV App

When will the My TV feature be available on the Apple TV app?


How can such a fundamental feature be missing from only the Apple TV app for such a long time? It's makes it so much harder to use the Apple TV app.


Do you really expect me to remember all the 15 shows that I am watching and search these using my Apple TV Remote control??? Why provide an Apple TV app if you intentionally make it so hard to use it. 

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Community Manager

Re: My TV on Apple TV App

Hi  @Ziller777,


Thanks for posting.


Unlike other devices you'll notice the NOW TV app is styled alot like the rest of the Apples UI, we're a still more restricted with what we can do on this device but we're certainly working to get all features right across devices.







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Re: My TV on Apple TV App

What an outrageous, flat out lie. Amazing you think nobody will call you out on it.


The old Apple TVs were indeed restrictive, but the Apple TV 4 is no more restrictive than an iPhone or iPad, which isn't surprising as they run essentialy the same operating system.  Look at Netflix to see how it's possible to bring a non standard UI to the platform, and to match that UI with other devices.  That said, even if you were only talking about the old Apple TV 3, which didn't run apps at all, just simple server hosted scripts, it's still perfectly possible to have My List functionality. Indeed the old, now long discontinued Netflix "app" for the Apple TV 3 had all essential Netflix functionality, including My List.


There isn't a single technical reason why the Now TV app on the Apple TV 4 is so terrible. The platform is very open and as powerful as an iPhone 6. It could run the same Now TV UI as used on every other Now TV supported device, such as the Roku or PS4. The real reason why the ATV4 Now TV app is so terrible is simply because Sky never update it. It's what's known as abandonware, meaning it will never see any improvements. It's essentially unchanged since Sky first released it on the Apple TV 3 about 3 or 4 years ago. Ever notice how Sky update Now TV on the iPhone and iPad regularly? They update their PS4 and Xbox One apps often too. Now check the version history on the ATV 4. It's version 1.0. Don't expect that to ever change.


It's something of a mystery why Sky have abaondoned Apple TV support. They're happy to take subscribers' money, but refuse to give them a modern app. Pretty distateful stuff, as is LYING to customers with untrue responses. 


@Simon-J , you owe the original poster an appology. Lying is incredibly stupid and frankly infantile, and you should probably stay clear of interaction with customers in future.

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Re: My TV on Apple TV App

Not only have I abandoned Apple TV 4, largely due to the lack of a decent NOW TV app to run on it, but so it would seem (based on the lack of response or action) has NOW TV's development roadmap.

They'll post back saying & insisting that they haven't of course.

But where's the evidence to support that? There isn't any and none will be presented.

Sorry NOW TV but sooner or later "talking the talk" has to be backed up with "walking the walk"!

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