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I have just bought the sky sports pass and went to watch it via chromecast and my android phone. After signing in and selecting chromecast the now tv app says I have reached my maximum changes to devices till the 1st March. Please help

Now tv on bt openzone

I work in place which has free bt openzone. Is there anyway the now tv box can be connected ?

Unable to sign in

I've been unable to sign into the Android app using the same sign in details which work fine on the PC and Now TV Box.  

Android TV / Nexus Player

Hi, Are there plans to develop the UI for Android TV? I know I can Cast from the Android app on my phone, but this is awkward.  Given various issues with the service (such as the adaptive bit rate / low quality problem which has been mentioned hundre...

Android app not working

My android app has updated and signed me. Tried to sign back in it stated login details were not recognised. I reset the password, same issue. I can log in on the Internet no problem so I know details are correct. I have uninstalled and reinstalled t...

Unable to login via Android App

All of a sudden I cannot login to the NOWTV App for Android. Gives error of incorrect username or password. All was fine earlier... Grrgghhhh!

Scrolling spots schedule

The sports schedule does not scroll for upcoming programmes on my now box or mobile. Help pkease

Nowtv app won't play on my Android tablet

Hi Ranj  I have done as you asked, rebooted the router, then reinstalling the app and it's still not working. The puzzling thing there is that it used to work on my tablet a few months ago. Can you offer more solutions, if not where can I ask for a r...

Resolved! Forgotten password of another account

So to make a long story short, my mother took out 2 month free movie trail (Chromecast). We have two device signed in and can access the account. But here is where the trouble starts, so to add a new device I need her password and she has forgotten i...