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Switching to nowtv from TalkTalk mid-contract



im wanting to switch to nowtv broadband from TalkTalk as I’m finding them terrible for both tv and internet!! I’ve been quoted £137 to leave early. Is this right? Is there anyway i can switch for cheaper or even free?! I can’t take TalkTalk anymore, it’s so frustrating! Help! 

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Re: Switching to nowtv from TalkTalk mid-contract



Yeah A-Mum


That £137.00 leaving fee is exorbitant, dare I say, an out and out rip-off. However, and unfortunately for you, you did sign up for their Internet package, along with their rip-off leaving fee designed to keep you "well and truly" locked in.


In fact, no one but a contract lawyer can help you with your predicament, and the lawyer is likely to cost more than the "fee". Therefore, you should get back onto TalkTalk and see if they will let you out of your contract with a smaller fee, but somehow I doubt it.


Personally, I don't use TalkTalk and so do not know how their contract with their customers are set-up but, as a mere mortal, you really only have three choices:


1) Pay the leaving fee and cut all contractual ties with TalkTalk.


2) Wait out the minimum length of your TalkTalk contract, usually 12 months, and move on after then.


3) Be prepared to fight, saying that you are breaking the contract without paying the leaving fee because TalkTalk have consistently delivered to you a below par service, i.e. below the level of service promised in your contract with them, and you are not going to pay that exorbitant leaving fee.


I suggest you contact Resolver at the following:


and also OFCOM:


Good luck


UK Bob




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