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Prospective tenants auto-cancellation date

Hi all,

We are on a rolling Super Fibre broadband. We are due to move out of our current property 18th June. Payment is taken on the 8th of the month. I have not yet informed nowtv of our moving out date.

Yesterday I received an auto-cancellation email indicating that the next prospective tenants of the property are due to move in 14 July, our broadband is set to be cancelled for 14 July. This means our next payment is going ahead on 8 July. Nowtv account management doesn't allow me to set our formal moving out date or cancel the payment of 8 July as broadband cancellation is already set for 14 July due to prospective tenants.

I have called Nowtv customer service and they weren't able to cancel our broadband earlier due to the ongoing cancellation order. Best they could do was refund what remains of the 8 July payment after 14 July. 

Any advice would be much appreciated!