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New price after my package ends information unclear

A recent email mentioned a new price and pricing method, but didn't mention my phone usage pricing.
I just need to know if my anytime calls usage will also be included as well as the phone line with my broadband package for £32 after my offer ends.

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Re: New price after my package ends information unclear



Like you said the email that was sent out recently by NowTV to their Broadband customers doesn't mention anything about Anytime Calls and is not that clear.


So i am not sure if Anytime calls are covered in the new price structure when your 12 month contract is up.


My twelve month contract is up shortly (end of March) and i am going to give them a call to hopefully negotiate a new 12 month deal when my current offer has a few days left.


The NowTV forum is mainly used by customers, so you will be better off getting an official answer to your question by either phoning the NowTV Broadband Team or alternatively via their live chat online web service.


If you open the link below and are signed in with your Broadband account details a telephone number should appear on the right hand of the screen or to reach live chat click the small blue arrow directly How to Get in Touch to reveal the green chat button. 


If you do get an official answer, perhaps post back their reply on here.


Re: New price after my package ends information unclear

I didn't expect a reply so soon. So thanks for that.

A woman from the Now Broadband phone line said that whatever phone package I have should still be included, and it was a mistake to not mention that in the email. I don't know that this is entirely true, as in the email it says that you maybe changed depending on how you pay for calls. I assumed that everyone would have free calls if they paid £32 a month at first. Now I am even more confused. Seems like I will have to wait till my end date and try to bargain again. Unsure. I may upgrade to faster broadband as it will be £3 more a month, if everything works out that is.

I did call them last year and asked for my package to be extended for a year, and they charged me an extra £2 a month, not too bad. I could go for this again.