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Delegated authority for account holder

Last week, I spoke with NOW TV (broadband & 'phone) customer services to set up myself as a "delegated authority" for an elderly friend's NOW TV (broadband & 'phone) account and was given instruction on how this should be done.


Both myself and the account holder followed these instructions which involved the account holder making one 'phone call to customer services to give my name as the delegated authority together with a verbal password (which the account holder then notified to me) so that when I contacted customer services, I would give the password then I would be able to manage the account holder's account (i.e. add extra features etc).


However, when I 'phoned customer services today to add 'phone features required by the account holder, the call centre staff insisted this wasn't possible and that they needed to speak with the account holder. Back to square one - not happy.


Anyone had this issue? Is there a solution? Any suggestions gratefully received.

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@Anonymous User try the complaints system.

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Turns out this NOW TV (broadband & 'phone) complaints 'phone number isn't a complaints line. When dialled, it takes the caller through exactly the same options tree as several of the other 0330 numbers published by NOW TV that I have dialled over the past couple of weeks - with no option (or mention) of making a complaint. The call centre staff (Asian?) who ultimately answered my call were at bit nonplused when I said I wanted to complain about inconsistent advice.


However, because of my persistence, I was eventually put through to a different call centre (Irish?) who said they could help with the issue I was having. Can't actually get sorted until 21st October so fingers crossed. I shall be keeping a close eye on them to ensure they're as good as their word.

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Well, it's now 22nd October 2020 and the requested 'phone extras haven't been added (last week, this was promised to be added by 21st Oct.) to the existing broadband & 'phone package.


Shame. NOW TV had impressed before and I thought they were a viable communications provider. The process for adding 'phone extras seems archaic. Why not make extras available from the website so that extras can be added when ordering the package?.