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Complaint about failure to provide promised service, lack of communication, unjustified billing.

I am posting a copy of my complaint to NOW Broadband on this forum as their system does not provide any evidence that a complaint has been submitted, and in the hope that it will prompt someone from Now BB to take action. The emails I received had Ref: 07693101


14/08/2020 I moved into a new flat. There was no existing BB or phone so I applied online for the NOW Super Fibre package.
Paid £5 for router delivery. The go live date is given as 28/08.


18/08 email from NOW BB provisioning team
"<DELETED> here from the Now Broadband Provisioning Team. We seem to have two addresses linked to your order and need you to confirm which address is correct so the order may proceed.
The address on Openreach's system is:
The address on our systems is:
Please can you get back to us by calling 03303323050 or replying to this email at your earliest convenience so we may rectify this. If we don't hear back from you Openreach may cancel your order. We will next review your order on 21/08/2020."

I responded that the NOW BB one was correct


24/08 I received the router.


28/08 email from NOW BB provisioning team:
"Good morning my name is <DELETED> i work in the provisioning team. We have checked this with Openreach and they have explained that the address they have for your service to go live is postcode <WRONG>.
As this is the wrong address we will have to cancel your order and get it replaced at the correct place. It will take up to 24 hrs for your order to cancel down at which point we can get your address updated and a new order placed.
If you can get in touch with us after 12 PM tomorrow on 03303323050 we can get your order replaced for you however if you don't want to go ahead with a new order if you can get back to us and we can arrange a refund of your activation fee. So sorry for the inconvenience."


On the website the order status was updated to state:
"Great news. Your broadband and phone are up and running."
I have also been debited £25 for first month's service.


I also noticed that my Billing Address was the correct address but NOW BB had modified the Installation Address so that it was no longer the Billing Address but is now an invalid address.


29/08 rang NOW BB as requested
They were unable to cancel the order due to an explained problem so they would have to do it manually, and would contact me when it was done.


31/08 No contact from NOW BB and website showed cancellation still in progress.
Rang NOW BB who said it had not gone through and a manager would contact me.


02/09 No contact from NOW BB and website showed cancellation still in progress.
Rang NOW BB who said it was a mix up between NOW BB & Openreach, but that it would be done by 4th.
Mentioned again that NOW BB had an invalid Installation Address on the account.
Raised an online complaint with NOW BB about both the lack of progress and the lack of communication. I have had no response not even an acknowledgement.


04/09 - 11/09. Periodically check the online account to see if the cancellation status has changed and if NOW BB have left any messages - no change.


12/09 check website and find NOW BB have unilaterally raised a new cancellation request with the previous one left open.


15/09 check website and find second cancellation request has completed. NOW BB have issued a bill for the non existent service up to the second cancellation completion date. The original cancellation is still open.


Even if it was me who chose to cancel, NOW BB T&C's state:
"Cancellation period: You have the right to cancel your order for the NOW Broadband and Calls Service without giving any reason any time up to 14 days (“cooling off period”) from the later of: (i) delivery of your NOW Broadband Hub; (ii) activation; or (iii) receipt of these terms and conditions."
As activation never occurred, the cooling off period is still in place.


NOW BB auto compensation policy states:
"If your NOW Broadband or Calls service isn’t live by 11:59pm on the date we confirmed in writing, we’ll give you compensation for every full day you’re without service, including your missed activation date. £5 for each day your service is delayed (including the day it was due to go live)"
Activation never occurred, so no service was provided (both broadband & phone).


I require NOW BB to refund me:
- £5 delivery charge
- £25 monthly charge
- £95 auto compensation from 28/08 to 15/09
- tbd cost of returning router


If NOW BB do not resolve this complaint then after 8 weeks I will forward it together with the evidence to CISAS.




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@Anonymous User 

This is a customer forum, you are best to call the broadband team, number has been mentioned in the post. You can also find the number on the link below.



FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help