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Compensation for delayed service start

Slightly confused about the auto-compensation.

Service was due to start 10th April. It didn't and an engineer appointment was made. He got it working on the 16th. Turns out the wrong line was connected at the exchange.

Phoned today asking about when I'll get compensation and was told they would credit my account £4.67 which turns out just to be a pro-rata refund of the monthly billed amount for when there was no service.

When asked what about the auto-compensation, which should be £6.10 a day (£36.60) she said it has nothing to do with NOW and I would have to speak to Open Reach about it!!!

Is this correct? I thought any compensation was down to the service provider i.e. NOW?


Legend 5
Legend 5


Whoever told you that is talking rubbish, it’s completely up to NOW to pay you compensation. Through this in their face.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

@gavs82008Ok thanks that's what I thought. Seems they don't want to abide by the rules.

I'll call them once more then it's CISAS and report them to Ofcom.