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I've very confused as when I search for the now tv internet I get the now tv hub two , now tv smart box and come to 22 first payment then 29.98 monthly so I logged into my account and it offers just the now tv hub which comes with a delivery charge and a total of 31 first payment and 25.99 monthly am just wondering why there a two different prices and why on is missing the smart box and one don't have a delivery charge can you please explain it just looks like existing customers are exempt from the deal and new ones are and I don't believe that's right
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Legend 5

@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. The Combo deals are for new customers only, existing customers get a different broadband deal that doesn't include a NOW TV Smart Box (although you can buy one separately). 


It's best to log into the website first and then browse broadband deals to make sure you're shown the correct prices.


More info here