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Broadband is live but no bill?

Hi, my internet got switched on on the 23rd september, and i still havent been charged. when i look on my account it's not showing that my internet is connected just htat it will be soon (it already is, im using it now) and i also have no 'upcoming bills' while this sounds good because free wifi and all that, im worried nowtv will try and use this against me. I've tried emailing but they've yet to get back to me. 

if anyone could help that'd be grand. 


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Hi @Anonymous User 


A few NowTV Broadband customers have reported this recently, where my guess it's an account related software issue.


I am assuming you are using your NowTV Hub Router from the activation live date, where plugging in a Sky Router or another Router may not trigger the Orders & Appointments activation date information or when attempting to do a line Technical Check for the first week or so.


Anyway your best bet is to phone the NowTV Broadband Team (use the telephone number on the link page below to get hold of them).