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Broadband and phone package gone up £5

Hi my 12 month package has now passed and my bill has increased by £5 a month however new customers can get the same package I was on £30 pm you’ve got to let me know should I stay or shouldI go

As trying to find someone to talk to to resign up for 12 months is really hard do you not want to retain customers or do you rely on them not checking and not noticing the end of contract price increase 

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Re: Broadband and phone package gone up £5

Hi @Hawayman 


My NowTV 12 month Broadband Contract is also coming to the end next month, where i will be giving them a call soon to negotiate a new deal (hopefully the same deal that i am on at the moment or i will be looking elsewhere).


Anyway to contact the Broadband Team to discuss prices you can either find the telephone number under My Account > Orders & Appointments or Broadband & Calls section of your account whilst logged in on here.


Or open the link below and if you are signed in on the website with your Broadband log in details a telephone number should appear on the right hand side of the link page.


Alternatively you can also contact live chat by clicking on the small blue arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch from the same link below.