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Broadband Tariff/ pricing confusion



I am really confused by the pricing of the broadband tariffs and how long they last for.


I can see that they are on a 12 Month subscription but then on the cost calculator it states after 12 month price. Does that mean that after 12 Months the price goes up automatically?

Can you then purchase another 12 month subscription at the decreased rate? 


I appreciate any clarification regarding this, I have my TV through NotTV currently and was also wondering if there is any bundle/ promotion deal to get seeing as I am already a NowTV customer?




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Re: Broadband Tariff/ pricing confusion

Alright fella,


the after price is what you will paying once your contract has ended - the price for the first 12 months is a discounted price to lure new customers. If you go ahead with the 12 month deal, set yourself a reminder for when your contract ends and then just before then give them a call and see if you can renegotiate another 12 month reduced contract (if you’re happy with the service of course!). If they don’t, you will be able to leave at the end of your contract without paying a fee so I’m sure they’d rather keep you. 


As far as I’m aware there aren’t any cheaper bundles for having the broadband and passes. But I found out last week that if you cancel your pass on here, they try to keep you a couple of times with what you’re going to miss out on. But on the third time, they actually offer you a deal of a reduced price for a few months so you can save a few quid that way. Alternatively, you can shop around places like Argos etc where they sell passes at a reduced rate, then enter the code on your account and you won’t be billed again until they run out. 


Hope this helps dude!

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